Handungoda Tea Museum – We are developing the only private tea Museum in the world.

Our Museum will tell the great human story a of tea.

How the British planter came to Ceylon and struggled with the elements to create first the coffee industry and on the demise of coffee the magnificent tea Industry.

How he brought the Indian Tamil plantation worker from South India to work on the plantations and the enormous contribution these people made and still make to enrich this land beyond measure.

The Museum will have a comprehensive library on tea and the history of tea.

It will provide an ideal research and study opportunity for those who want to improve their knowledge on the brew that changed the world.

In addition to books on tea , we will have a good collection of books on Ceylon and it’s diverse and often violent history.

I, myself will be available for discussion and consultation.

The Museum will also have a recreated old planters bed room with an attached bath room for use by the visitors.

Light refreshments will also be available when the Museum is finally opened to the public. We hope to have the Museum ready for visitors by March 2012.