Month: March 2022

Ceylon Flowery Cammellia

Ceylon Flowery Cammellia – Is a mixture of Rainforest tea and aromatic tea Flowers .

Nobody else in the world makes this tea to the best of my knowledge.

Was presented to the Anuga Fair in Cologne by Dilmah one of Sri Lanka’s leading tea companies and won the award for the most innovative tea.

Dilmah certification is available.(Three of our teas won this award at the Anuga Fair in Germany.

The Ceylon Flowery Cammellia, The Lapsang Souchong and the Sapphire Oolong.) Flowery Cammellia is a malty tea.(Black tea mixed with aromatic tea flowers.)…


History – This plantation has belonged to my family for the last 150 years.

It was a part of a larger plantation of 2200 acres which was nationalized in 1974. We are now left with 150 acres.

1000 acres of the plantation was taken over by the government when the British Plantations were nationalized.

1000 acres was lost by my grandfather on the roll of the dice.

He was the President of the Suicide club-which was so called because it was purely an informal association of gamblers.

The land was planted in tea by me.

The Tea Factory was developed with machinery and equipment purchased, transported and re-assembled.

From the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka.

It is an unique facility. A working living Museum, making the best tea in the world with 150 year old machinery!…

Handungoda Tea Museum

Handungoda Tea Museum – We are developing the only private tea Museum in the world.

Our Museum will tell the great human story a of tea.

How the British planter came to Ceylon and struggled with the elements to create first the coffee industry and on the demise of coffee the magnificent tea Industry.

How he brought the Indian Tamil plantation worker from South India to work on the plantations and the enormous contribution these people made and still make to enrich this land beyond measure.

The Museum will have a comprehensive library on tea and the history of tea.

It will provide an ideal research and study opportunity for those who want to improve their knowledge on the brew that changed the world.

In addition to books on tea , we will have a good collection of books on Ceylon and it’s diverse and often violent history.

I, myself will be available for discussion and consultation.

The Museum will also have a recreated old planters bed room with an attached bath room for use by the visitors.

Light refreshments will also be available when the Museum is finally opened to the public. We hope to have the Museum ready for visitors by March 2012.…

The Estate

The Estate – Is 200 acres in extent and comprises of 100 acres of tea. The balance plantation is of rubber, Cinnamon and coconut.

There is a well equipped tea Factory on the property.

Most machines were made in the United Kingdom and are over 140 years old.

The Factory is a living and working Museum!

The machinery in the factory bears eloquent and Mute testimony to British engineering skills !

We are not mass producers of tea. We make a very small quantity of the choicest Teas.

Our teas have won international recognition .

We won the award at the Anuga Fair in Cologne for the most innovative teas.

The three teas so adjudged Were the Ceylon Souchong, Ceylon Oolong, and Flowery Cammellia.

No other Plantation in the world makes these teas to the best of our knowledge…

About Us

About Us – I am the Sole Proprietor of this plantation complex.

I therefore take complete responsibility for the information provided and the quality of the products sold.

I was a professional Plantation Manager.

I count over 45 years experience in plantation management, originally for the British plantations in Sri Lanka and then for the state owned and managed plantations.

My career culminated in my appointment as the Regional Manager of over 100,000 acres of the best tea lands in the Island in the country’s most prestigious plantation District of Nuwara Eliya.

I have written four books. The Plantation Raj, For a Sovereign State, and The Tortured Island.

The latter two books are in the 7th and 6th reprint respectively.

The latest book written by me is the Suicide Club.

This book has won international acclaim and is being sold and distributed all over the world.

This is a series of anecdotes about life on the British owned plantations.

Handunugoda epitomises tea production paying the closest attention to cleanliness It is today one of the most sought after destinations by visitors to Sri Lanka.

We have accommodation facilities in our Private bungalows on our sister Cinnamon Plantation in Mirissa.

Visit our website at

We will be opening to the world in around March 2012 , the only private Tea Museum in the country.

It is our desire to tell the Human Story of the saga of the tea plantations, that have made this Island nation famous all over the world for this magical beverage.…


VIRGIN WHITE TEA OF SRI LANKA – Virgin white tea is a premium grade tea produced by the Handunugoda Tea Estate in Sri Lanka.

The estate is known to produced the world’s most exquisite and expensive tea leaves.

This website serves as a travel guide to anyone who wishes to visit the Ceylonese teas estate, learn about its history, or simply purchase…