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Contact Us – We are in a position to deliver any of the teas in this catalogue to you in three distinct ways.

By courier ( 3-4 days) by EMS Services 10 days. By registered parcel post 10-12 days.

If tea is required for special events as gifts, we can wrap the tea in presentation paper as directed by you and make delivery.

Payment can be made after the tea is received. You may like to note that the tea bought from us will be just 4-5 Days after manufacture.

Any tea bought from a shop shelf will be a minimum of 8 weeks old.You will taste the difference.

If you need tea simply email : or or
The Proprietor is on hand on and always available for discussions. Can be contacted on the mobile phone at + 94 773290999 or + 94 773561333.

The General Manager of the Property Mr. David Manickam has served this plantation for 25 years and is thoroughly conversant with all aspects of the plantation. His mobile phone is +94 77 7713999.


Proprietor is Malinga Herman Gunaratne.

If accommodation is required the best facilities could be provided on our sister Cinnamon Plantation which is also developing the only Cinnamon Museum in the world.

Please visit our private bungalows website

Attractive concessions will be given to our visitors if they occupy our hospitality facilities, Mount Cinnamon or the Cinnamon Museum.

Expert arrangements can be made for visits to the Hill country and other places of interest in Sri Lanka.

Attractive concessions will be given to our visitors if they occupy our hospitality facilities, Mount Cinnamon or the Cinnamon Museum.…

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass – Is made of natural Lemon grass. Has enormous digestive features .No caffeine.

Is a very pleasant drink. Can be consumed at any time of the day .

A popular drink made from a very special process. Is said to possess features which effectively combat cancer.

Most of these teas and drinks are well documented and described on the internet. The health properties are also very clearly stated.…

Sepalika Tea

Sepalika Tea – Is a mixture of black tea and Sepalika flowers. Sepalika flowers are very aromatic and are a famous Ayurvedic cure for tension and stress.

Has a calming effect on you. Is also said to reduce blood cholesterol. A remedy for sleeplessness. (Black tea with Sepalika Flowers)…

Flowery Needles

Flowery Needles – Is a mixture of Silver needles and aromatic tea flowers picked at dawn.

A very mellow light liquoring tea. Suitable for drinking at all times of the day.(A black and white tea)…

Flowery Medium Tea

Flowery Medium Tea – Is of medium leaf size. A little larger than flowery small leaf .The liquor is a little lighter than Flowery small leaf.

A good tea for drinking in the morning Lighter than the English breakfast tea. A tea suitable for the Russian market.(Black Tea)…

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea – Is said to be a recipe from meditating mendicants in the Himalayas.

Has the following spices. Coriander, Cardomoms, Ginger, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves and tea.

Is an insulation against the extreme cold.

The Rishis and the Yogis of Ancient India used this drink.

It keeps you warm during extreme cold weather, is medicinal a very popular drink among those practicing yoga.

Has all the health benefits of the ingredient spices of the Yogi Tea.(The base is a black tea)…

Natural Vanilla Tea

Natural Vanilla Tea – Is Black tea mixed with careful quantities of natural vanilla which is very different from Tea merchants who use synthetic Vanilla.

is a rich wholesome drink is very pleasant to be drunk plain or with touch of Milk.(Black tea with Natural Vanilla)…

Floral Green Tea

Floral Green Tea – Green tea has the most talked about health benefits in world .It is low in caffeine and unfermented .

Has a very high digestive capacity .

Our Green tea is mixed with Sepalika Flowers which is a classical Ayurvedic ingredient as fragrant as jasmine but said to induce calmness and tranquility .maintains all the health properties of green tea and also Has the added benefit of the Sepalika Flower.(Black tea with Sepalika Flowers.)…

Tulsi Herbal Tea

Tulsi Herbal Tea – Tulsi ( Ocimum Sanctum) is a consecrated plant in India .It is said to be a health giver and a rejuvenator .is used to cleanse the body.

As a medicine against malaria. A very pleasant drink indeed.

You may like to go into the internet and see for yourself the health benefits of Tulsi .

I will send you the full health benefits with the tea.(Herbal tea- enormous health benefits)…

Ceylon Souchong

Ceylon Souchong – Is a smoked tea. The Lapsang Souchong is a Chinese origin tea.

The Chinese lapsang is smoked on pinewood fires. Ours is smoked on Cinnamon fires .

Is considered one of the best Lapsang Souchong teas in the world.

Is far smoother than the Chinese Lapsang.

This tea is like single malt whisky from the Isle of Sky in Scotland.

Can be drunk with milk Or with a touch of alchohol.! Try it, it is good.

This tea is drunk by Her Majesty the Queen of England a package of Lapsang ( not ours) is said to accompany her wherever she goes in the world.

It may be called a contemporary Royal Tea! Black smoked tea. Smoked on Cinnamon fires.)…